Joe Webb’s Karaoke Nights have grown, over time, to be both legendary and infamous. A veritable underground party for a who’s who of automotive Internet professionals that come together to celebrate life, music, fun, and humility in a supportive environment of peers.

To learn the seedy details of its origin, check out the very first post made on this blog. And don’t miss out on all of the poor excuses of great karaoke performances laid out for your enjoyment on these pages. Don’t worry. We aren’t going to quit our day jobs…. so long as we have a venue such as Joe Webb’s Karaoke Nights where you release the year’s tensions by belting our voices to the sky among friends and colleagues.

Since partnering with his brother from another mother, Shaun Raines, these events are now humbly known as Joe and Shaun’s Karaokethons.

Come one, come all. Just find Joe Webb at the next automotive Internet conference and join the party. But if you come… be ready to sing. From the stage or from the seat, everyone has a voice.

Joe Webb's Karaoke Nights

Joe Webb\’s Karaoke Nights