The Joe and Shaun Karaoke-thon – Breaking News!

BREAKING NEWS: The Joe and Shaun Karaoke-thon is confirmed! Joe Webb of DealerKnows Consulting and Shaun Raines of Reach Local are combining Jedi forces to bring together the coolest people in automotive internet for one-night only.

Wednesday October 13th, 9:30pm, at the Karaoke Club in the Imperial Palace Casino & Hotel – Las Vegas.

The Joe and Shaun Karaoke-thon is the underground place to play, sing, and network at the Digital Dealer Conferences. Best of all, we’ll have some really cool prizes to be won at the event. Don’t miss out! You’ve busted your butt all year and this party is to celebrate your accomplishments. To hear more about this legendary karaoke event, visit
Joe Webb and Shaun Raines Karaoke party