The Joe and Shaun Karaoke-thon – DD9

On Wednesday October 13th, Joe Webb and Shaun Raines joined forces to hold the Joe and Shaun Karaoke-thon.  SEE SOME OF THE GREAT FOOTAGE BELOW in other posts.

Over one hundred conference attendees showed up to the event held at Imperial Palace Casino and Hotel and overwhelming fun was had by all of the cool people in attendance. I know several people were taking video at the event so if you have it, please send it to and I will post it on this site, giving you the deserved credit for the clip.

The karaoke event, a mainstay at the Digital Dealer Conferences, grew major publicity leading up to DD9 because of the popular, viral video created by Shaun Raines that can be found here

Check out some of the karaoke videos taken at the Joe and Shaun Karaoke-thon and don’t miss out on attending one of our exclusive, invite-only events.

The Joe and Shaun Karaoke-thon – Breaking News!

BREAKING NEWS: The Joe and Shaun Karaoke-thon is confirmed! Joe Webb of DealerKnows Consulting and Shaun Raines of Reach Local are combining Jedi forces to bring together the coolest people in automotive internet for one-night only.

Wednesday October 13th, 9:30pm, at the Karaoke Club in the Imperial Palace Casino & Hotel – Las Vegas.

The Joe and Shaun Karaoke-thon is the underground place to play, sing, and network at the Digital Dealer Conferences. Best of all, we’ll have some really cool prizes to be won at the event. Don’t miss out! You’ve busted your butt all year and this party is to celebrate your accomplishments. To hear more about this legendary karaoke event, visit
Joe Webb and Shaun Raines Karaoke party

Shaun Raines Preview of the upcoming Joe and Shaun Karaoke-thon

A preview of what’s to come from Shaun Raines of Reach Local at the upcoming “Joe and Shaun Karaoke-thon”

Here is Shaun breaking down a a song into two parts – (sorry for the poor lighting… but, hey, it’s a bar.)

Here is Shaun Raines performing a duet with a local karaoke groupie –

Homenet Sales Team Sings Karaoke

Tim James, National Sales Director for Homenet, required every member of the Homenet sales team to perform karaoke (for a prize) during the Nashville TN Digital Dealer in Vegas. Joe Webb dragged the team out, along with Tim Jennings of ADP and Jared Hamilton of DrivingSales, to a karaoke bar where fun was had by all. Check out all of the crazy fun here –

Arnold Tijerina

Reid Chapman

Mark Owens

Derek Hammond

Dan Oliver

Blair Givens

Joe Webb Singing to the Most Beautiful Girl in the Room

Yes, I had never seen this (amazingly funny) Flight of the Conchords’ song at a karaoke bar so I just had to sing it. Sure, only 10 people in the bar so you think it may have been a less-embarrassing one to pull off, but in all actuality, it is much harder when everyone just stares. My first foray at this song – I think I did well. (Performed in front of a couple members of the Homenet team in Des Moines Iowa)

Great Renditions of Karaoke Turns from Automotive Digital Friends

Check out these great videos taken during Joe Webb’s Karaoke night (6th Digital Dealer in Vegas) – all of these vids are courtesy of Automotive Digital Friends and can be found on –

The venerable Kim Clouse tearing up some karaoke!

Tim Jennings – the brave soul performing karaoke

Bryan Armstrong – Internet Director of Menlove Toyota Scion – practicing Santeria in Las Vegas

What say you? More footage of Shaun Raines karaoke song in Las Vegas? yes…

Well… What did you think?