Reid Chapman Performs at the Joe and Shaun Karaoke-thon – DD9

Reid Chapman of Homenet had the crowd in stitches as he nailed the Aaron Neville song, Don’t Known Much, at the Joe and Shaun Karaoke-thon during the 9th Digital Dealer Conference. Imperial Palace Karaoke Club in Las Vegas.

Homenet Sales Team Sings Karaoke

Tim James, National Sales Director for Homenet, required every member of the Homenet sales team to perform karaoke (for a prize) during the Nashville TN Digital Dealer in Vegas. Joe Webb dragged the team out, along with Tim Jennings of ADP and Jared Hamilton of DrivingSales, to a karaoke bar where fun was had by all. Check out all of the crazy fun here –

Arnold Tijerina

Reid Chapman

Mark Owens

Derek Hammond

Dan Oliver

Blair Givens

Joe Webb Singing to the Most Beautiful Girl in the Room

Yes, I had never seen this (amazingly funny) Flight of the Conchords’ song at a karaoke bar so I just had to sing it. Sure, only 10 people in the bar so you think it may have been a less-embarrassing one to pull off, but in all actuality, it is much harder when everyone just stares. My first foray at this song – I think I did well. (Performed in front of a couple members of the Homenet team in Des Moines Iowa)