Joe Webb Singing to the Most Beautiful Girl in the Room

Yes, I had never seen this (amazingly funny) Flight of the Conchords’ song at a karaoke bar so I just had to sing it. Sure, only 10 people in the bar so you think it may have been a less-embarrassing one to pull off, but in all actuality, it is much harder when everyone just stares. My first foray at this song – I think I did well. (Performed in front of a couple members of the Homenet team in Des Moines Iowa)


Great Renditions of Karaoke Turns from Automotive Digital Friends

Check out these great videos taken during Joe Webb’s Karaoke night (6th Digital Dealer in Vegas) – all of these vids are courtesy of Automotive Digital Friends and can be found on –

The venerable Kim Clouse tearing up some karaoke!

Tim Jennings – the brave soul performing karaoke

Bryan Armstrong – Internet Director of Menlove Toyota Scion – practicing Santeria in Las Vegas

What say you? More footage of Shaun Raines karaoke song in Las Vegas? yes…

Well… What did you think?

The Origin of Joe Webb’s Karaoke Night

I believe everyone likes a good origin story.  To fully understand the legend of the Joe Webb Karaoke Night, it is only fair if I take you back to the beginning.  However, a definition is in order.

Joe Webb Karaoke Night: One night during each Digital Dealer Conference when like-minded karaoke-buffs gather and head out to a non-descript karaoke venue for a singing extravaganza of positive vibes and very cold drinks.

At the 3rd Digital Dealer Conference in Las Vegas, I was feeling very energized from the first two days of sessions.  I, knowing very few people at the conference, saddled up to the bar at the LV Hilton. When I noticed the DD pass hanging around the neck of the person next to me, we got to talking….  got to imbibing.  His name is Arnold Tijerina.  After a little while, he came up with the SOLID idea to get himself a tattoo that night.  I reinforced that idea (why not? Wasn’t my flesh?) and off we went.  While getting his unnecessary tattoo, we met up with a couple of other conference go-ers and decided that karaoke would be the next logical step.  What progressed that evening was a wild, hilarious, off-the-wall night.

Here is a video of one of the songs from the evening sung by Arnold –

Since that fateful night, each karaoke evening has come with a different theme –
The first one could have been called the “Arnie and Joe Karaoke Show”
The second and third times could have been called “The Digital Dealer Karaoke Nights”
The third time might be known as “Imperial Palace of Karaoke Friendship”
The fourth evening would come to be called “Homenet’s Karaoke Night”
The fifth night’s footage was promptly destroyed so no one in attendance lost their jobs.
The upcoming night during Digital Dealer 9 (DD9) is expected to be called “The Joe and Shaun Karaoke-thon”
That’s right, peoples! Shaun Raines of Reach Local fame and yours truly, Joe Webb, are combining Jedi forces to bring together the coolest, hippest crowd of the conference for one-night only.

After this fun-filled, entertaining-soaked night, I made it a point, NAY, a requirement to have one karaoke night during each following Digital Dealer Conference.  (Sure, they’ve spawned some Joe Webb NADA karaoke nights as well, but none greater than those held during the DD Conferences.)

(Here’s another one from Arnold from the 1st Joe Webb Karaoke night – and 3rd Digital Dealer Conference –